Case file:  Dr. Magix

Born in the early 23rd century, Dr. Magix (real name classified) is a highly intelligent, motivated, yet unscrupulous scientist bent on the pursuits of hedonism and chaos.  He believes the universe to be the plaything of the uber-intelligent.  The root belief of his philosophy is that the smartest creatures should be able to achieve their goals by any means necessary even if this means causing harm to other life forms or the very universe itself.


Dr. Magix, shown here with an artist's rendering of the Temposonosphere.


He has been found guilty of countless Class Z offenses, including:
-- Unlawful manipulation of space
-- Unlawful and destructive manipulation of time
-- Unlawful cloning
-- Unlawful android construction
-- Premeditated mischief
-- Intent to create species-wide misfortune
-- Galactic statutory nefariousness

He is currently wanted in every sector of the known galaxy. Dr. Magix resides in the Temposonosphere, a spherical region of space-time that he created.  Scientists know very little about how the Temposonosphere was constructed (they say it is not theoretically possible) but speculate that temporal sound waves interacting with a immobile photon sphere may be the cause of its unique and impressive properties.  The Temposonosphere resides outside of our timeline, giving Dr. Magix the ability to monitor what is currently happening in the universe, as well as the ability to observe events of the past (however, due to temporal dynamics, he is unable to view the future as it has not occurred yet.)  The Temposonosphere is undetectable with 23rd century technology, making his capture virtually impossible.  It is from this secret location that Dr. Magix manufactures DJ Mockstar and programs him with his mission to kill Bawarchi King.