Intro/Activation (circa 2263)

Magix’s Computer:
"Initiate startup sequence. Load program file -- Digital Jockey unit 122475, designation 'Mockstar'. Assembling artificial structure. Populating data circuits. Please state primary operational directives."

Brand new situation with a new broadcast
to change the future gotta head to the past
I’m finna alter the course of history
and beat a busta down named Bawarchi King
his status in the game is legendary
takin the sucka out is necessary
erase his ass from the past, that’s why
I’m jumping back and B.K. must die

"Operation data successfully uploaded. DJ Mockstar is now fully operational. Please step into the time portal to begin your mission."

Dr. Magix:
"I, Dr. Magix have created you to be the ultimate instrument of hip hop destruction. Fulfill your destiny; hold nothing back.  I want Bawarchi King dead.  Erase him from the very pages of history!"