Leave Ya Bleedin' (1994)

it's been a long-ass week and we put in work
everything I had to do it made me go bezerk
but now it's time to cool out for the weekend
it's Mockstar baby, I ain't gotta pretend
a duo from the future out on the creep
rollin to a house party in Mockstar's jeep
everyone knows we lookin for the hoes
specifically the ones who jump straight out their clothes
take the exit off the highway heading for downtown
turn the volume up, roll them windows down
before we pull up to the spot, gotta get our fix:
a couple forties and a box of them prophylactics
so we made a quick stop at a liquor store
grabbed the brews and the jimmys and the cash in the drawer
a pack of Kools, Juicy Fruit
the cashier cooperated so we didn't shoot

jump back in the whip no time to slip
crack a fresh forty, took a big ol' sip
can't wait to hit the party, hope they play my jam
if a busta acts a fool I'll show ‘em who I am
hey Mockstar I gotta set you straight
if anyone goes wild we gotta walk away
ain't lookin for no trouble, just kill it
take another sip and relax home skillet

BK was right, I hit that three wheel motion
and took another drank from that OE potion
we wanna have fun not cause a commotion
and get the ladies wet like Billy Ocean
the party's steady bumpin as we walk on in
a couple dudes from the future with a big ol grin
bustas tend to fail but we always succeeding
if you try and act a fool, we'll leave you bleedin

we tore up that party per usual
more hits than my man Stan Musial
the tricks ran up tryin' to take us home
but their dudes got jealous, wouldn't leave us alone

so I says to BK "tonight's the night
you wanted to chill the hell out, didn't wanna fight
but these fools? Yo – they don't see it that way
it's your call man, what you tryin to say?"
there's a time walk away, there's a time to run
there's a time to get freaky, col' have some fun
there's a time make your gat go (blauw blauw blauw)
Mockstar my friend, that time is now

You know we gon' bust a cap in ya
didn' ya recognize us?
You know we don't take no shorts neither
we'll leave ya bleedin' homie