He's A Robo DJ (And I'm The BK) (1998)

every year every month every week every day
schoolin sucka emcees with my boy BK
he's the man with the plan standin by my side
so move em on, head em up, move em out
now that we've united, gotta set some rules
so we can properly, efficiently deal with you fools
got more cheddar than a bag of cheetos
yeah I'm the shit, so you know I got an ego

find a comfy-ass spot on your barcalounger
this here's the jam and this here's the sound ya
been waitin and anticipatin, now it's here
puttin 23rd century game in your ear
so when you're blinded by the bling of my four-finger ring
don't go getting no ideas about beatin the King
we're buildin' up castles from the sands of time
and you're a phony emcee in the welfare line

how you gonna go against a roboDJ?
he bends time and space, what you gonna say?
and you know BK's his collaborator
guarantee you're gettin beat man, sooner or later
how you gonna go against a roboDJ?
he bends time and space, what you gonna say?
and BK's been in this rap game for a minute
if it's parties or panties he's gettin all up in it

well look-a-look-a-look at what we got here
a busta-ass rapper tryin to boost his career
wack rhymes, wack beats, and you got no style
now me and Mockstar are about to get hostile
see, I'm the green giant and you're Emmanuel Lewis
my beats are so strong, man you know I'm gonna do this
creatin', devastatin' with the songs that I write
I've been rappin for years, you started rappin last night

got you hooked from the start like a fish in a lake
I'm eatin up hoes like salisbury steak
you can ask your girlie, I saw her last night
guaranteed she's gonna tell you that I yummy down RIGHT
hey now, calm down, I don't mean to stress ya
I see you gettin mad, better watch the blood pressure
cuz I rap in the future, jump back to the past
and then blow your ass away with a shotgun blast


you say you wanna battle but you don't know the half
you ain't Don Rickles so don't make me laugh
cuz Mockstar's buildin beats'n his laboratory
and BK be gettin funky with his oratory

we ain't got no time for your disrespect
Mockstar will dropkick you right in the neck
you don't wanna be kicked by a robotic beast
that's like 2 or 3 weeks in ICU at least
we got more butter than the Country Crock
when Mox rocks he can level the whole block
turn it all the way up on your ghetto blaster
and tell the haters they can step with the rest of the bastards

first we were at odds now we're on the same team
BK talked me down and I learned a few things
so we both united to save the day
ain't no way you beat a robo DJ