Funky Fresh For 1980 (1999∞1980)

the B-A-dub, the A-R-C, don’t forget the H and the I
I took a big fat leap way back in time to show the party people just how I rhyme
because I rock so fresh, I rock so well, I leave the people in a daze
you ain’t never heard nothin like this before so prepare to be amazed
but when I stepped out of my time machine I knew somethin’ had changed
I realized that time and space had both been rearranged
my head was spinnin – how could this be?
  I’m sure I checked my math
I calculated, extrapolated and carefully set the path
You see, I made plans for me to land smack dab in ‘83
but it looks like something else went down that I couldn’t forsee
oh well, oh well, oh what the hell - BK still gonna get paid
I’m gonna take these lemons that life gave me and I’m gonna make lemonade
I guess I’m gonna have to make do with what I got and rock this three years early
I’ll do it for the homies up and down the block and of course I’m gonna do it for the girlies
now party people party people this one’s for you, dedicated to the superfine ladies
it’s not ’83 -- yo, things have changed -- here’s a funky fresh rhyme for 1980

Funky Fresh For 1980
Funky Fresh For 1980

but who’s this, who’s this, who’s this I see - some shiny metal freak?
and what’s that, what’s that, what’s that you say – braggin bout your rhyme technique
you got five seconds to explain to me, tell me how you knew
that I planned me a trip way back in time – what gives, homeboy?
  who are you?

the ground will shake, the earth will quake and tremble from within
when you learn the name of the greatest DJ that’s ever been
I rock the turntables and take you out, don’t give a damn who you are
I make beats, I rock the streets and they call me DJ Mockstar
I was created to be the best,  homeboy I thought you knew
and I was sent by Dr. Magix to cold put a stop to you
you see I come from the future too and I’m here to do one thing
my mission is to locate and destroy Bawarchi King

Hold up - that’s me, my friend, watch what you say, find yourself in a world of hurt
I eat punks like you every night for dinner and have your girlie for dessert
I definitely rock the mic, for real - I don’t mean maybe
it’s not ’83 -– yo, things have changed -- here’s a funky fresh rhyme for 1980

(here’s the rules)
both BK and MS:
no cheap shots and no wack rhymes
as we battle we jump through time
keep on rappin til the very last breath
Mockstar and BK - a fight to the death