4 Bars Each (1986)

the name’s not Don nor is it burger, talkin that smack you’ll end up murdered
first name “Bawarchi”, last name “King”, put a dent in your head with my 4-finger ring

step up to the mic, spit 4 bars each
been drinkin all nite but I ain’t slurrin’ my speech
so move along homeboy get in line with the haters
it’s the BK style, ain’t no one greater

if we swappin 4 bars, better lend me an ear
ease back Jack, Mockstar’s here
get a pad get a pencil, write down my name
cybertronic supersonic when I’m runnin the game

you think you’re on time but you’re a little too late
if we playin’ chess then I got the checkmate
bust your ass, get to class cuz I’ve just begun
Professor BK gonna school you, son

you’ll never ever ever hold a candle to me
I got the heavyweight beat technology
Beats to make you move, beats so complete
this groove will make you bow down and kiss my feet


if it’s a battle you want then it’s a battle you’ll get
I’m a full symphony, you’re a string quartet
don’t need a battery I got nuclear fission
every rhyme is like a bullet and I got that ammunition

I’m olympic diving while you drownin in the kiddie pool
your style’s weak, my style’s impeccable
on every microphone I REIGN SUPREME
then kick back and relax with a fifth of Jim Beam

so many ways to kill you man, I lost count
created to destroy, that’s what I’m about
I cut a record well – I slice and dice it
you wanna battle me?
  I wouldn’t advise it

you got a habit silly rabbit of runnin your lip
keep it up you’re gonna drown, goin down with the ship
kinda like the Titanic or the Lusitania
Bawarchi King – guaranteed to entertain ya


I’m BK, you can call me the King
rappin on the mic like it ain’t no thing
fully educated and you askin me “how?”
I’ve been doin this shit since years from now

DJ Mockstar, I scratch it up nice
can’t hold your booze so you ask for my advice
You want a little tip? Hey yo, I’ll tell you what:
malt liquor make you sicker than a punch in the gut

nevermind lil homie, guess you just don’t get it
I write me a rhyme, grab a mic, then spit it
radio station gonna go and transmit it
I’m known as the King don’t you forget it

took a journey to the past to kick some ass
gonna make sure your legacy don't last
I use a UZI, AK, or RPG
and bring the fire that'll burn ya to the third degree