Dr. Magix Be Schemin’ (1989)

2263 the number, another jump through time
another beat another rhyme
you didn’t know that I had this method to my madness
another BK sadness
gimme that crown, I’m dishin out beatdowns
puttin my fist and my feet down
what’s the matter little boy does it hurt?
Mockstar gonna leave ya in the dirt
Now you might think you’re a real big shot
but to me you’re a fool, too cool for school
you’re gettin ill up and down the block
you got orders from the evil Doc
now you do-do-do what he tells you to
but Dr. Magix, he’s full of that doo-doo
you thinkin’ he’s a good guy? You must be dreamin…
Dr. Magix be schemin

hey hey hey, Dr. Magix be schemin’ y’all
hey hey hey, Dr. Magix be schemin’

Dr. Magix:
Personal log – I’ve utilized the time portal and sent an android into hip hop history in order to
eliminate that sucka Bawarchi King. Once he’s out of the picture, my plans can progress…

your conspiracy theories disgust me
hey yo - the doctor trusts me
he knows my strengths and skills when I want to get down
that’s why I’m world-renowned
he understands that I’m the man who can get the job done
I’ll take you out, I’ll bring the doom…gonna kill you, son
He sent you back to kill me, thereby changing history
but that shit don’t come for free
when your mission’s done, you think he’s gonna let you live?
come on man, what gives?
smarter than that - that’s right, that’s right, you’re
smarter than that – YEEEEEEEAH!!!
I think you on the wrong team and
Dr. Magix be schemin


Dr. Magix:
Personal log – with BK out of the picture, I will be free to reshape the past…however,
there will be one final loose end to tie up…

so you gonna be a real good boy
get a pat on the head and a brand new toy?
Sorry Charlie, you trippin
he gonna kill you if you finish the mission
not that you ever ever would or could
you can’t defeat me cuz I’m just too good
he lied to you, hey that’s right
I said he lied to you, so now whatcha gotta say?

gotta get to the bottom of this, see who’s to blame
don’t wanna be a pawn in a game
Hell no – ain’t goin out like that
let’s call this one a draw, call off the combat
for now – but this battle ain’t through
just need some time to plan my next move
the shit you said straight got my head steamin
could Dr. Magix be schemin’?


Dr. Magix:
Personal log – when DJ Mockstar has finished his mission and carried out his orders,
he will serve no further purpose; his powers will be a threat to my plans.
I will eliminate him…A-HAHAHAHAHAaaaa