Unify (1991)

Now I don't say this to every tom, dick, and harry
but since I'm in a hurry let me spit the contrary
you’re kickin wicked beats with immense potential
a DJ comin’ hard like a differential
equation straight outta calculus
and now I got you wonderin who you can trust
I mean it's obvious to me you got skillz
if we unite we could run this game for reals
you gotta override your program, damn don’t you realize
Dr. M will make you meet your demise?
the world will forget your name
and the doctor gets the credit for destroying the rap game
you're bein used like a broke-dick jimmy hat
kicked to the curb like a hoopty-ass Cadillac
you know what happens if we unite?
we flip the script on the bitch set the whole thing right

this isn't like the Emperor talkin to Luke
this is just the opposite, I'm talkin to you
it’s an epic fight between good and evil
a battle for the soul of hip hop for the people - sing it

we gotta unify

Now wait wait wait wait hold up
beep beep beep back up the truck
I been programmed for one thing only:
kill Bawarchi King and that’s you, homie
I boom a bunch of battle rhymes and hit hard
I step up to attack but you on your guard****
now it seems like I’ve found me a worthy opponent
lookin’ like we gotta unite, now don’t it?
cuz what you been sayin, yeah it makes sense
Dr. Magix pullin strings and you got the evidence****

first thing that I learned back in robot school
is Mockstar don’t get played a fool
I do what I want, do what I feel
I run my own game on the wheels of steel
I’m doin this, dominatin this
by the time we done, Magix gonna be hatin’ this

we gotta unify

both BK and MS:
sealed with a pound, made a deal to get down
unify what’s right under the funky sound

I’m known as the King and I’m known as the Star
we boom your car so hard we leave your door ajar
more gold more girls more money more brews
more than a million ways to slay your whole damn crew
more horsepower than a new sports car
we’re a superweapon kinda like the Death Star

like Lando sippin on a Colt 45
with game like mine, it “Works Every Time”
you and your Ewok crew, yo they just don’t know
after I flow you worship me like I was 3PO

you wonder how we do it, it’s beyond comprehension
now that we're a team we're bringin all four dimensions

I’m known as the Star
And I’m known as the King
Now that we united we can do the damn thing

we gotta unify