Steal Your Soul (1992)

Everyone steals in the 23rd century
hey yo, that's how it's meant to be
cuz stealin' aint stealin' if that shit is free
hey yo – that's how it's meant to be
I say everyone steals in the 23rd century
hey yo, that's how it's meant to be
cuz stealin' aint stealin' if that shit is free
so let me steal your soul and put it in my beat

there's no samples cleared I take what I like
you never wanna miss it when I rock the mic
I draw a crowd, get loud with the space-age funk
find a beat that rocks?
  throw it in da trunk
when the King gets the mic then the juice gets loose
it's a temporal disturbance meant for your caboose
we take a beat from here, an idea from there
so don't stare, I swear, your rhymes are welfare

My rhymes are fort knox, kid; your flow's adopted
you bitin' all my rhymes always talkin' about what Mox did
or what I'm doin', or what I might be
you know my reputation and you still wanna fight me?
you're hangin out at home watchin of Teletubbies
and me and Mox are witcha girl getting hella chubbies
we rhyme through time, hit after hit
and no you can't sue us cuz we ain't stole shit


It's nothin new to rap, it's always been the same
"boost another beat" was always part of the game
you know me kid I do it the fun way
last night I took a jet right off of the runway
stealin' aint' nothin but second nature
you can sample the King, I ain't gonna hate ya
as long as you can take the beat and make the beat strong
you don't owe me a thing when you finish the song

gimme that beeper that cellular phone
diamonds and pearls, platinum and chrome
the girlies give it up when I say I'ma share it
I leave ‘em all thinkin' that I went to Jared
I take money by the pound in large amounts
got my four finger ring with my five finger discount
how did we get to be the best?
we take what we want and then we leave the rest


it's like this and-uh, like that and-uh
got my headphones strapped to a police scanner
listenin' to the piggies tryin'a track me down
for some bogus crime they say we did across town
so me and Mockstar are in the Jeep layin' low
we got our eyes peeled tryin to spot the five-oh
it's time to break out, ain't tryin to play
po-po on a mission, gotta gotta get away
they say we stole lotsa beats from the 80's and 90's
but they ain't gonna catch me cuz they ain't gonna find me
pickin' up a chick who think my rings are shiny
you can find me in the motel, workin that heiney
man, I recommend that you take a step back
listen real close to the rhythm of the track
and think about what you wanna say before you say it
then wave the white flag and watch us parlay it