Masters Of Time (1992)

(Spoken word intro)
BK:  AHHHHH, YESSSS…Every year we bounce into, it's the same thing…
  I know what you mean King, these MCs be trifling…it's like they don't know that we were BUILT for this shit, you know?
BK:  It's true.  I mean, if you took DNA from all the rappers in history, and combined it make a hip hop Serpentor, he wouldn't be fit to tie the fat laces on my Addidas.
  Word.  And if you took the skills from all the DJs that ever lived and transferred it into a supercomputer, it would malfunction out of sheer terror if it saw me on the wheels of steel.
BK:  You KNOW that's true.
  We decline to half-step through time…
BK:  And we refuse to be bruised by some sucka MC who wanna make the news…
  In form and function we engineer destruction...take the stage but require no introduction…
BK: We weave through the fabric of space-time like Mother Universe on her loom…
  And they will know it is us by the sound of the boom!

DJ Mockstar – I'm comin atcha with the force of Ra
If I was a muslim I would praise Allah
Steppin' up to me you get a right to the jaw
tricky-dicky-tricky-dicky gotta be me
comin from the year 2263
Paranoid android, crazy like Mike D
Jealous of the rhymes and the fly routines
Now check it - here comes the BK lesson
Bullets from my mouth and not a Smith & Wesson
I rule space-time with the bass in the rhyme
kinda sweet to the palette like a lemon with a lime
I've seen into the eyes of the infinite
I've beat more MCs than I'd like to admit
I've seen new worlds from the universe spawn
and these beats will live on after I'm gone

BK, Mockstar: masters of time

like syllables and words with indefinite articles
bits of matter make particles
and these particles they make atoms
lookin for the dope rhymes?  
shoulda known that I had'em
man, every chump chillin's got a beef with me
first I was solo and now I got a team
(what up?)
get on the mic and show ‘em who you are
with a kick and a punch, give your face a few lumps
interstellar chillin' with a beat that bumps
a cosmic path, come to the light
we headin' to another universe tonight
I got internal power, external skills
supersonic speed on the wheels of steel
with my fellow high priest BK at my side
we headin back to the future like Marty McFly


(Spoken word outro)
BK: AHHHHH, YESSSS…the masters of time have perfected the rhyme
so gather ‘round, all you youngsters, you hipsters
this type of knowledge can give your dome blisters
look into the mirror and repeat after me:
“I just got played”
now can we play through?
there are 18 holes in a round of golf, yet it took 18 hoes to tame the Tiger
Dr. Magix is gonna hear our mighty roar as we do this
got no time to be hanging out with “judas”
his computer will malfunction and give false readings
he starts to see things and hallucinate
finally we step through the stargate
this is strictly for my brothers and sisters who respect their elders:
those who have come before and laid the universal foundation,
creating a nation based upon the structure of the holy pyramid
worldwide, three sides you can see with your third eye:
the past, the present, the future…it's coming soon

Both: And they will know it is us by the sound of the boom!