Ride (1992)

I'm gonna let it ride, I'm takin a trip
young ladies always askin for a spin in the whip
robotic by nature and the greatest by choice
and the sound of my voice makes your cupcake moist
look at what I'm drivin, yo don't sleep
it's Mockstar baby so it's gotta be a Jeep
been drivin' em for so long I can't remember
first one royal blue, soft top, so tender
used to bump the sound system with that top down
holla at the homies say “I'll see you around”
and then I roll to the mall straight scoutin
checkin out the chicks, seein what they all about
and find a lucky little lady, see if she wants a ride
pull over and tell that bitch “get inside”
before the night's over she'll be lettin me dip
I'm gonna let it ride, I'm takin a trip

I'm gonna let it ride, I'm takin a trip
got the action and the traction so I never slip
when we rollin down the ave betta give us some room
or else a mark like yourself is gonna meet your doom
we keep the stereo loud, the paint job clean
up and down the back streets with the gansta lean
summertime's the time that we got the clearance
catch us in your neighborhood, we'll make an appearance
and when you sucka emcees try to piss me off
I'm like the blue screen of death from Microsoft
cuz you kinda like Arnold and we're like the gooch
we beat your ass down cuz we're from the fyootch
and when I say "fyootch" I mean future
keep my name out your mouth, I just might shoot ya
pour a little out before I take a sip
I'm gonna let it ride, I'm takin a trip

I'm gonna let it ride, I'm takin a trip
and tell a story ‘bout a couple bullets in the clip
It's Mockstar kid get the name right
I keep the glock cocked yo I keep the game tight
I been staring at your lady friend all night
and she staring back at me, now you wanna fight?
so you try to be tough and pull a gat
and point it right at my baseball hat
you don't know I'm from the future, that's the reason why
this wannabe gangsta shit won't fly
You see King's gotta get his, I gotta get mine
so before we hit the party we slipped through time
took the bullets outta this busta's gun
now it's “click click click” he ain't hittin no one
BK let's bounce back to the mothership
I'm gonna let it ride, I'm takin a trip

I'm gonna let it ride, I'm takin a trip
got my 40 and a J and now I'm fully equipped
Mox told me what you did when he spit the last verse
you took a bad situation and you made it worse
now why'd you have to go and make my DJ mad?
he already told you he's supersonic like JJ Fad
he'll take you out without a doubt, not a care in the world
and he won't think twice before nailing your girl
so when you see us cruising by in the g-ride
shut the curtains, shut the drapes, get the kids inside
cuz we're known to get smart like a whiz kid
and you know our drive-bys don't miss kid
so if you keep talkin smack man, tellin your jokes
you'll get your name in the papers with the dead folks
see ya wouldn't wanna be ya, hit me on the hip
I'm gonna let it ride, I'm takin a trip

I'm gonna let it ride, I'm takin a trip
your hooptie got me laughin like a comic strip
roof all rusted, tried to fix it with a patch
got a tail light out and the hood don't match
got three different hubcaps, oh my lord
bumper hangin on with a bungee cord
holes in the floor like Fred Flintstone
better get your feet running, get your ass on home
keep yo' chick on a leash lest I release
the kraken that I'm packin with the expertise
skeezers on the corner trying to check the size
I bend that corner real slow so they recognize
you see we roll real tight and your ride's all broke
you should've thought it through before you spoke
so next time don't try it, take a little tip
I'm gonna let it ride, I'm takin a trip