Bawarchi King vs. DJ Mockstar was produced by DJ Mockstar and Bawarchi King
Album written by Bawarchi King and DJ Mockstar
Recorded by DJ Mockstar and Bawarchi King

Mixed and mastered by DJ Mockstar
Live instrumentation by
DJ Mockstar

Dr. Magix portrayed by Dan Spomer
Police dispatcher voiced by Scott Maue
Officer Van Winkle voiced by Chris Young
Photography by Janae McFarland (

The following products and websites were used in the making of this album: Ableton Live 8,
Waves Platinum, Native Instruments Komplete 6,,, and

Special thanks to: Tuki, Janae McFarland, Dan Spomer, Scott Maue, Chris Young, Kevin Kwater, PLOBEATZ, Steve “SG The Producer” Garcia, Vinyl Mike, Guitar Center (Crestwood, MO) and Guitar Center (Fairview Heights, IL), Cayce Maue, Kirk McFarland

All songs ©2010 No Samples Cleared Music

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