1999: Bawarchi King makes his original journey back in time from the 23rd century. He creates the techno-centric album "Funky Fresh For 1983". When finished he returns to his era.

2258 to 2262: Dr. Magix, residing in a space-time anomaly that exists outside of the timeline (called the Temposonosphere) realizes that the course of time has been altered. His influence is diminished and his evil grip on the universe is no longer as powerful. He begins research to find the cause for this and learns of Bawarchi King's trip to 1999 and his subsequent album. Dr. Magix formulates a new scheme. He decides to send an agent back in time to eliminate Bawarchi King and negate any changes to the timeline, thereby restoring his evil influence. To learn more about Dr. Magix, click here.

(early) 2263: Dr. Magix finishes designing his murderous agent and begins construction on the robotic digital jockey (designation DJ Mockstar).

(late) 2263: Final programming is completed. DJ Mockstar is born. Dr. Magix targets Bawarchi King's original journey and sends DJ Mockstar back to 1999 in order to destroy Bawarchi King. However, Mockstar's time jump merges with Bawarchi King's time jump and creates a rift in the space-time continuum. This rift propels them both back through time to 1980 and neither BK nor Mockstar has the ability to repair the anomaly. The new album Bawarchi King vs. DJ Mockstar chronicles what happens as both emcees are thrust randomly forward through time and hip hop history...hoping each time that their next leap will be the leap home.